Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to Fail Miserably at Being Queer

Okay, let’s be clear about something: there’s no right or wrong way to be queer. But if you’re anything like award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde, you’ve got insecurities up the wazoo. Even when you’re proud of your sexuality, gender identity and presentation, it seems like there’s always a voice out there (or even one in your head) saying you’re not doing queerness right.

Giselle Renarde is a writer who’s been failing at everything since 2006. Her erotica and queer fiction have appeared in nearly 200 short story anthologies and published by two of the Big Five publishing houses, but don’t let that fool you. Giselle is a writer who knows how to fail—consistently and thoroughly!

At some point or another, we all feel like we’re failing. Maybe if we can feel united by our insecurities, there’s hope of moving past them!

How to Fail Miserably at Being Queer is FREE this week at...
...and many more ebook retailers!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sitting for Cynthia #Lesbian #Erotica Now Available as an #Audiobook!
When Cynthia comes home from a bad date, she's frustrated in more ways than one. She knows she's got a rockin' bod, so how come the fish aren't biting? Her lesbian sitter knows the answer.

Lin might be a much younger woman, but she's known Cynthia for years. Maybe what this hot cougar needs is a pretty little kitten to show her how it's done....

Lesbian erotica from award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde.

Find the SITTING FOR CYNTHIA audiobook at:

And, of course, if you love audio erotica, you'll definitely want to become my patron at

Saturday, November 18, 2017

NEW RELEASE! Cold Hard Cash: A #Sexy #Stepbrother Story
It's been a while since you've seen brand new fiction from me. Well, if you're a fan of stepbrother stories, you're in luck. I wrote COLD HARD CASH to round out a stepbrother box set. It needed a stripper story with a sex-for-money edge, you know?

Just as I was about to publish that box set, Barnes and Noble decided they would no longer stock a lot of the erotica readers have been counting on for years. Stepbrothers are on that list. Step-anything. They no longer sell "pseudoincest" erotica (or incest erotica or... I'd have to look up the list).

Anyway, the timing was off. I didn't end up publishing that stepbrother box set. I've got all the files ready to go. I created a gorgeous cover for it months ago. It'll see the light of day eventually. I'm just not sure when.

In the meantime, the new story I wrote to include in that box set is now available courtesy of eXcessica Publishing. Enjoy!

Cold Hard Cash
A Sexy Stepbrother Story
By Giselle Renarde

Carver thought his stepsister was nothing but a goody-goody college student… until he saw her on stage! Turns out his stepsister is a sexy stripper by night! And if she’ll dance for strange men in exchange for cold hard cash, what will she give to convince Carver to keep her secret safe?

To be honest, you're pretty limited as to where you can buy this book. At the moment I can only find it at Amazon. Like, here:

Hopefully it'll start popping up at other retailers very soon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

#Audio #Erotica this November at

If you're a fan of audio erotica, you'll want to get on over to my Patreon page. Join up for weekly erotica stories in audio form. A new one every Friday!

Okay, so it's the middle of the month. A bit late to let you know what to expect this November at my Audio Erotica Patreon page... but better late than never?

November 3rd 2017: THE PSYCHIC HAREM (lesbian group sex in the not-too-distant future)
November 10th 2017: CRUSH (panties, heels, femdom BDSM)
November 17th 2017: SPARROW TAKES FLIGHT (dreamy lesbian sex in the rain)
November 24th 2017: THE GOLDEN RULER (oh god so good... bondage, BDSM, human furniture)

Audio Erotica is for patrons only, but good news!  You can get your fill of weekly Giselle Renarde audio erotica for as little as $4/month (that's only $1 per story!)

Monday, November 13, 2017

NEW! The #Depression Workbook for #Writers
I've been meaning to upload The Depression Workbook for Writers for more than a year, and posting the audio version to YouTube has sparked me to get off my ass and do it.

The Depression Workbook for Writers is different from The Depression Handbook for Writers in just one (very useful) way: this new Workbook edition contains lined spaces following pretty much every chapter where you can take notes related to the topic of that particular segment.

If you're anything like me, you forget every thought you've ever had three seconds after thinking it. If I don't write down an idea, it's GONE. Depression doesn't make my brain any sharper, that's for sure.

This Workbook is actually really reasonably priced ($7.99 USD at Amazon), so I'm hoping that if you've got your eye on it, you'll be able to afford a copy.

Buy Now from Amazon

If you’re a writer living with depression, you might not know where to turn. There are days when depression devours your words and you find yourself incapable of working. People tell you you’re not alone. So why does it feel like you are?

As an author with chronic depression, Giselle Renarde created this book as a means of reaching out to other writers with hope in hand.

The Depression Handbook for Writers includes:
• specific activities to help you through the dark days,
• practical ideas to help you move forward with your writing business even when you find it impossible to write,
• interviews with other authors experiencing depression,
• all written in a personal, accessible, and heartfelt tone.

The Depression Handbook for Writers was written for you, with love, care, and encouragement.
New WORKBOOK edition includes thought-provoking questions and space to brainstorm your own ideas!
Purchase your copy today.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Where Can I Find #Audiobooks?

Where, you ask?

I'll tell you where!
My girlfriend has been listening to audiobooks for years, and ever since she was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease audiobooks have become even more important to her. The first thing she discovered about audiobooks is they're expensive! She's accumulated quite a number over the years, but for the most part she gets audiobooks from the local library.

Sweet listens to audiobooks on CDs, and this means she's pretty much limited to traditionally published titles. That's fine for her because that's what she reads, but what about you?  What if you want to listen digitally to independently published audiobooks? Or ANY audiobooks your library doesn't currently stock? You can ALWAYS ask you library system to order the title. It never hurts to ask. When Janet Mock's book Redefining Realness came out in audiobook format, Sweet and I both asked our respective library systems to acquire it. And you know what?  They both did!

Okay, so what happens if you just want your audiobook now?  Well, looks like you're going to have to buy yourself a copy OR join a subscription service like the ones offered by Audible and Kobo and Playster.

What's a Subscription Service?

In exchange for a flat monthly fee, you receive a credit or credits to redeem on an audiobook. This type service is available from Audible and Kobo, among others.

Thing is, most avid readers want to binge on books, and audio listeners are no exception. Once you've eaten through your one credit, what then?

NEW Audible Romance Package

I just heard about this program yesterday, so I'm no expert but it sounds really exciting for romance readers. For one monthly fee, you can listen to unlimited romance titles. Romance readers are reputedly the most voracious readers on the planet. I guess Audible is listening to reader demands.

Click here to find out more about the NEW Audible Romance Package

Where Can I Buy Your Audiobooks, Giselle?
There are lots of sites where you can buy audiobooks by me. I'm a trained actor and I love narrating my own books, so you can expect to see more and more all the time from the usual suspects: Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

But Wait! There's More!

That's right--there are more websites than just those three where you can find audiobooks online.

You can also find my audiobooks at:
Scribd, TuneIn, eStories, Playster,, Downpour,, Nook Audiobooks and many more. 

If you're big on audiobooks and you love erotica, I hope you'll check out my work, whether it's through a subscription service, as a purchase, or upon request from your local library.

But the best deal on Giselle Renarde audio erotica is still through my Patreon page, which is its own little subscription service. For one flat monthly fee (which helps me produce more of what you love), you get to listen to an audio erotica short every Friday. Join now!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

New #Audiobook: Sexy, Seductive and Supernatural: 3 #Paranormal #Erotic Stories

Enjoy a spooky sample from the story "Mourner for Hire," which appears in the audiobook "Sexy, Seductive and Supernatural: 3 Paranormal Erotic Stories" by Giselle Renarde.

There's nothing more seductive than a sizzling story of sex and the supernatural. In this collection, you'll find three thrilling and chilling tales of the paranormal. In "Mourner for Hire", a ghostly presence follows Dahlia home from the graveyard. A group of sensitives provides sexual healing after Dianne's rough breakup in "The Psychic Harem". Our final tale, "Simple", is anything but: Shelly lets herself believe her husband is an international superspy, but strange dreams reveal the sinister truth!

Go ahead. Stay up late tonight with three haunting stories of sex, seduction, and the supernatural.

Buy your copy from Audible:

Coming soon to more retailers!

As always, if you enjoy audio erotica, you should definitely join me on Patreon. For as little as $4/month you get to listen to a new erotic short every Friday. What a deal!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Depression Handbook for Writers #FREE #Audiobook

A few years ago I wrote The Depression Handbook for Writers to help authors like me, authors living with depression. The ebook version is still free to download from numerous retailers, so when I started recording the audio version I thought: why not provide it free of charge too?

In order to give my depression book to listeners for free, I'm posting it chapter by chapter on YouTube. The direct link to the playlist is here and each segment is only a couple minutes long. They won't take up too much of your time.

Hopefully the things that help me live and work with depression will help you too!

And be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you're at it:

Thanks! Love you!

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Other Side of Ruth: A #Lesbian #Audiobook

My lesbian novel The Other Side of Ruth is now available as an audiobook. The narrator is me, because I love the sound of my own voice. Hope you do too, because we've got six and a half hours of audio, here. Spend the day with Ruth!

Ruth loves her husband, but she keeps secrets from him. Big secrets.

When a notoriously lesbian neighbor returns home to Toronto from Art School in Montreal, Ruth finds herself unmistakably attracted. Agnes is quirky, creative, and significantly younger. Despite their age difference, Agnes welcomes Ruth's attention.

But Agnes has secrets of her own. She plays hide-and-seek on Ruth, disappearing for months at a time. Where does she go? And what emotions are brewing between Ruth's husband and his closest friend? Everyone on the block seems to be hiding something, and Ruth isn't sure how long she can conceal her true self from the neighbors.

After 25 years married to a man, can Ruth find a place in her life for ambiguous, artsy Agnes? Or will the younger woman's demons devour them both?

A lesbian novel by award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde.

Buy it now from Audible (or use your credit, however that works, I don't know)

Coming soon to more retailers.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to Fail Miserably at Love
I fail a lot. Last night I had donuts for dinner--but that was Sweet's idea, so maybe that's less a fail and more the universe telling me I fell in love with the right person.

But I've failed in other ways, too.

How to Fail Miserably at Love was released a week ago and it's taken me until now to tell you about it. That's a fail.

And when I was collecting links just now, I realized there's a typo in the section of the book blurb that appears across this series. Same typo in 5 book blurbs. That's a big fail. But failier still is the fact that I saw that typo and my first through was... yeah, I'm way too lazy to go back and fix that.

Huge fail.

The only thing potentially un-faily about my message to you is that How to Fail Miserably at Love is currently FREE, so you can run out and buy it without spending any money. Wa-hey!

Don’t let your love life get you down. We can all fail at relationships together!

In this scandalous assortment of anecdotes from the writers’ blog Oh Get a Grip, Giselle confesses her many sins in the relationship department. From being an inconsiderate partner to throwing up at a fancy hotel during an anniversary getaway to flat-out adultery, Giselle’s been bad in more ways than one.

Get it while it's free!
Google Play

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Blowing Smoke #Lesbian #Erotica #Audiobook
Want lesbians licking ass in your ears?

I know you do. Don't deny it.

Friends, porny people, audio pervs--lend me your ears! My first audio erotica short has finally gone live at actual retailers where normal people and freaks alike can purchase it for money! I am very excited about this because it's taken me forever to maneuver my way through the minefield that is ACX's review process.

What a relief.

Now it's time to sell this mofo!

Shouldn't be hard, because judging by the number of people who find my blog by searching "lesbian ass-licking", girl-on-girl anilingus is the new missionary. Everybody's doing it. The girls in BLOWING SMOKE sure as hell are. Not just that, but they're playing with smoke too. It's a heady combination. Maybe that's a pun. You be the judge.

Listen to BLOWING SMOKE today! It's hot lesbian rimming erotica! What's not to love?


Coming soon to more audiobook retailers!

And if you like audio erotica, remember my Patreon offers weekly erotic stories for your listening pleasure. I would be truly honoured if you elected to join me. And when I get to $108/month in support, I'll post BLOWING SMOKE as a special treat!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

New for #Halloween: MEN IN MENAGE #Paranormal #MMF #Erotica
Looking to put a little spice in your night? Enjoy a threesome of supernatural MMF erotic romance stories! Jolene discovers two incubi are better than one. Menage gets Shakespearean in Midsummer Morning Woods. Wonderful Wing Boys takes us to an underground cougar club hosted by actual angels. Get three out-of-this-world tales in one great collection!

MEN IN MENAGE: PARANORMAL MMF is available as an ebook from Amazon
and Kobo
and BN

...and a bunch of other places

Happy Halloween, threesome lovers!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

#Paranormal #Erotica Now in Print!

Turns out when I released my Paranormal Erotica Box Set in 2014, I never created a paperback version to go along with it. Well, that's been remedied. You can now buy the print version from Amazon, and it'll soon be available at other book retailers too.

Paranormal Erotica
Vampires, Shifters, and Fairy Tales for Adults
by Giselle Renarde

Take an anthology of paranormal erotic romance BDSM stories, add a collection brimming with lesbian vampires and shapeshifters, top it off with a secret solstice sacrifice, and what have you got?

The Paranormal Erotica Box Set!

From the bisexual vampire hairdressers of Blood Addict to the blood-thirsty lesbians of Girls Gone Carnal, there's a story to suit every taste in this 65,000+ word compilation of 18 sexy stories. Got a taste for threesomes? Gothic horror? Bondage? Gender transformation? Succubi? Fairies and legends? You'll find it all, and so much more, in this great new collection!

Get it!

Monday, October 16, 2017

How to Fail Miserably at Dirty Words and Family (but not at the same time)

Here's a tidbit from the pile of things I forgot about: latest "How to Fail" books are available, and they're free. So you should grab them both. Now!

This series is technically called "Everything I've Done Wrong" and it consists of short ebooks full of essays originally written for the Oh Get a Grip! erotica writers' blog. Each book has a different theme.

How to Fail Miserably at Dirty Words is about writing erotica, taboo smut, and other sex stuff.

You can get it from stores like Smashwords:

How to Fail Miserably at Family features a lot of essays about my family of origin, being an adult child of an alcoholic, intergenerational stuff, cycle of violence... it's a little heavy, but it's not exclusively heavy.

If you're the least bit interested in my experiences or you just like reading about other people's crappy childhoods (hey, you're not the only one), this is the Fail book for you.

It's available for free from places like Google Play: and

My Fail books are free for the first two weeks following publication, so don't delay. Grab your copy today! (I rhymed.)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Friends Become Lovers in this #FREE #Lesbian #Erotic #Romance
I couldn’t help but stare. There was just so much to look at.

Innes caught me, of course, and said, “She’s gorgeous, don’t you think?” Following my gaze to the huge cluster of Marilyn Monroe prints hanging over her TV, she went on to say, “If you ask me, she’s the most desirable woman there ever was.”

“Can’t argue with that,” I replied, even though I surely could have.

I could have said, “I know one woman who’s ten times more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe.”

Innes would have looked at me funny and hesitated before asking, “Who?”

Then I’d move in so close she would flinch. I’d wrap my arms around her curvy middle and say, “You, Innes. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.”

I would kiss her, then—our first kiss, at long last! Whether she'd kiss me back or pull away I really wasn't sure. That's what had held me back all these years. To me, a kiss was a point of no return. From there, either a relationship began or a friendship ended.

If I were to kiss Innes, everything would change. For better or for worse...


A couple weeks ago I uploaded my lesbian erotic romance short "Marilyn in the Middle" to Amazon, told you about it, and assured you it would soon be available from other retailers. Welp, I forgot all about it after that. No, that's not true. I could have sworn I'd uploaded it. But no. I hadn't.

By way of apology for the oversight, I've made "Marilyn in the Middle" FREE at those forgotten retailers. Not forever. One week only, so download your free copy today from...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Forbidden Family #Erotica is Seriously #Taboo Smut!

Remember Smut Smackdown? Lexi Wood challenged me to write the dirtiest incest sex story possible. Or I challenged her. I don't really remember. Anyway, we wrote three stories each and asked readers to vote on whose stories were filthier.

I don't remember who won. Probably Lexi. Taboo smut is her bread and butter. That said, my stories were pretty damn good. The one that stands out, in my mind, is "Two Complete Strangers" which features a father and daughter meeting for the first time as adults. There's a bicycle trip in there too. And some public sex. Because if you're going to have sex en plein air, it might as well be with a blood relative.

Anyhoozle, all six Smut Smackdown stories are now available in one collection.

Because of a recent crackdown, you won't find this book for sale at many retailers.  You may or may not be aware that Barnes and Noble, a bookseller that used to sell every kind of erotica you can imagine, has cleaned up shop. They used to sell incest smut. Now they don't. So you won't find this there. Or at Amazon. Or pretty much anywhere else you might shop.

You can buy Forbidden Family Erotica from Smashwords and eXcessica Eden. And I hope you will!
Forbidden Family Erotica
Six Shocking Sex Stories
Taboo Erotica by Giselle Renarde and Lexi Wood

Daddies and daughters, brothers and sisters, twins, cousins and more! Nobody’s off-limits in this taboo collection of illicit incest erotica. Six sexy stories certain to satisfy!

In this collection you’ll find the following family erotica: Talk Dirty to me, Daddy!, Spying on the Twins, Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin, Two Complete Strangers, The Family Bed, and Taken by Vicky’s Daddy… and Mine!

Buy Now from Smashwords:

Or Buy from the Publisher, eXcessica Eden:

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Audio #Erotica from My Mouth to Your Ears

I have a bad habit of being overly transparent about everything.

And I have no plans to break that habit today.

Lately, I've been feeling really isolated. I spend less time online than I used to because I can't handle the news. It's overwhelming and it gives me anxiety and nightmares.

But the flip side of not being online as much is that I haven't been maintaining those human connections you get from chatting with your friends on Twitter and all that. I've always been extremely wary of strangers, so I shy away from interacting with anyone I don't know because I get really scared and intimidated.

Sometimes I spend hours on the phone with my sister. I'm amazed she has time to chat with me. She's got such a busy life. But, knowing I'm a big Simpsons fan, she recommended to me a podcast called Four Finger Discount. I came for The Simpsons, but I stayed for the friendly, funny Australian voices in my ears. When I listen in on their conversations, I feel less alone.

Last November (yes, almost a year ago), I bought a new microphone with the intention of recording audio versions of my erotica. Distribution was very tricky for Canadians at that point, so I had this idea of creating little podcasts of erotic fiction. I know I'm not the only person on the planet who feels isolated. This is my way of reaching out. It's not interactive, but that doesn't matter. Having someone's voice in your ear is an act of intimacy. It doesn't matter how much space there is between us.

It's taken me this long to get my shit together because what else is new? It always takes me this long to get my shit together. But today I am launching my weekly Audio Erotica broadcast via Patreon. Every Friday I'll post one of the many erotic shorts I've written over the years. The ones I've recorded so far range from 8 to 35 minutes.

Audiobooks are so expensive to buy, but I wanted to give everyone access to affordable audio erotica. That's why you can have access to my weekly Audio Erotica for only $1/week. That's $4 per month. Although, to be totally honest, I hope you'll choose to support me with more money than that!

For $5 per month you also get access to a static gallery of "vintage" Giselle Renarde audio. "Vintage" means it's old. The microphone I used was a piece of crap and the production values are awwwwwful. But when I'm a fan of something, I always want inside access to early stuff. So that's what I'm giving you here.

You can elect to pledge a monthly amount in excess of $5, and I would very much appreciate it (trust me, there's a need over here), but those levels don't include any further extras. It's just a way for you to show your appreciation if you've got a little more money to spare.

I'm really excited about this audio endeavour, but without you I'm just a voice in the void. Lend me your ears, will you? Give my words somewhere pleasant to land.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Marilyn in the Middle: A Steamy #Lesbian #Romance Short
My rights recently came back to me on a lesbian erotic romance short that originally appeared in an Evernight anthology called Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition.

It's called Marilyn in the Middle and if you're wondering if the Marilyn being referred to in the title is in fact Marilyn Monroe, why yes. Yes she is.

For this friends-become-lovers story, I took inspiration from a friend I had in high school. She knew she was a lesbian, but she fought her impulses tooth and nail. She was also mildly obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.

I stole the Marilyn Monroe obsession for this story, but my character Innes isn't fighting her sexuality. If she's fighting against anything, it's love. Her best friend is in love with her and she chooses to kind of... not notice. Because if you notice, you have to act, and if you act it could all go wrong. Right?

Marilyn in the Middle
by Giselle Renarde

Best friends make the best girlfriends…

Jasmine’s in love with her best friend Innes, but Innes is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe! Innes has even decided to dye her hair platinum blonde so she’ll look more like the object of her affection. When Innes asks Jasmine to do the honours, of course she agrees. She’s tired of playing second fiddle to a movie star, but maybe the intimacy of the act will give her the courage to tell her best friend how she really feels.

If this goes badly, Jasmine will lose not only the woman she loves, but her closest friend. But if Innes feels the same way, it could spell Happily Ever After for two best friends.

A steamy lesbian romance short from award-winning author Giselle Renarde.

Buy now from Amazon. Coming soon to more retailers!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Covers for Fail Books

The old covers for my "How to Fail Miserably" series weren't gorgeous. I wanted to imitate the look of business How To books from the 90s... but why imitate looks from the 90s when I can imitate the style of today?

Now even more people will fall into the trap of thinking these are ACTUAL How To books that might possibly help business people in their business endeavours. These books ain't gonna help nobody. That's why they're called "How to Fail Miserably..."

But they'll distract you from life for a while, and possibly put a smile on your face. And the first two are still free, so you've got nothing to lose.

Get your copy now from...
Google Play:

Get your copy now from...
Google Play:

Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Fail Miserably at #Marketing

Last week I told you about a new series I'm releasing every two weeks. If you missed the first installment, it was called How to Fail Miserably at Writing. I know how to fail at EVERYTHING, and I've written extensively about my failures at the Oh Get A Grip! authors' blog.

You can still get How to Fail Miserably at Writing for free, but now you can also get the SECOND book: How to Fail Miserably at Marketing. And guess what? It's free too!

These covers just aren't doing it for me. I'm going to try to set some time aside this weekend to create some better-looking ones. But the contents won't change, so grab your copy now!
Giselle’s done everything wrong so you don’t have to!

Giselle Renarde is an award-winning author who’s been failing at everything since 2006. Her erotica and queer fiction have appeared in nearly 200 short story anthologies and published by two of the Big Five publishing house, but don’t let that fool you. Giselle is a writer who knows how to fail—consistently and thoroughly!

In this collection of short musings from the erotic writers’ blog Oh Get a Grip, Giselle treats readers to a veritable smorgasbord of anecdotes about moving forward in the industry one fail at a time. From writing books no one wants to read to resisting tried-and-true marketing methods, Giselle has done everything wrong.

Don't let the publishing industry get you down. Let’s all join hands and fail together!

Get your copy now from...
Google Play:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Fail Miserably at #Writing

Why, you might ask, is Giselle giving away so much for free these days?

There's a very simple answer to that question: I'm now massively rich and I don't need your money. (HA!) That was a joke. I still need your money! I need it now more than ever! GOD, do I need your money!

But the fact remains that I've been giving a lot away. And there is a reason for it. The reason is that... the world sucks. It sucks a lot. It sucks in big and scary ways.

Sometimes, when the world sucks, you have strength to stand up and fight.

And sometimes you don't.

When it all gets to be too much, you might retreat into something that feels comfortable to you. For me, that's comedy. One day I'll tell you how Mystery Science Theater 3000 got me through one of my deepest depressive periods. If you've read my depression handbook (also free), you know one of my favourite feelings is laughing uncontrollably when I'm massively depressed.

But comedy doesn't work for everyone. I was talking to my girlfriend about this the other day. She said that when she's depressed, comedy makes her angry because it seems so trite. We're all different. Some people would rather escape into sex, and that's one of the big reasons I posted my erotic novel CHERRY at Wattpad last month. So you could read it for free if you needed that escape.

The next big thing is this series of ebooks I've assembled out of many years of blog posts at Oh Get a Grip. I believe there will be 8 in total, all on different topics. The first one is called How to Fail Miserably at Writing. They're all going to be "How to Fail Miserably" at something, not so much because they're giving you pointers on failing, but because I fail a lot and it was just a funny, self-deprecating title.

Because these ebooks are comprised of blog posts you can read for free at Oh Get A Grip (if you're willing to wade through 4 or 5 years' worth of posts to find them), I'm bringing each book out at zero dollars.

These collections will hit the skids market every two weeks, and they'll be free for the first two weeks of their existence. I actually uploaded the first one last week but a combination of laziness and perpetual failure has prevented me from blogging about it until now.

I could tell you more about what's inside, but I'm just going to post the book blurb because that pretty much covers it. Be sure to grab a copy while it's free!
How to Fail Miserably at Writing
Everything I’ve Done Wrong
by Giselle Renarde

Giselle’s done everything wrong so you don’t have to!

Giselle Renarde is an award-winning author who’s been failing at everything since 2006. Her erotica and queer fiction have appeared in nearly 200 short story anthologies and published by two of the Big Five publishing house, but don’t let that fool you. Giselle is a writer who knows how to fail—consistently and thoroughly!

In this collection of short musings from the erotic writers’ blog Oh Get a Grip, Giselle treats readers to a veritable smorgasbord of anecdotes about moving forward in the industry one fail at a time.

Have you ever had an editor tell you your entire manuscript needs to be rewritten? Three times? Giselle has. She’s experienced rejection letters, bad reviews, banned books, crappy sales, and painful missteps. If you’ve ever written a book that earned you neither money, fame nor respect, come sit by Giselle. If you have no idea what you’re doing in this business, neither does she!

Let’s all join hands and fail together!

Get your copy today from such ebookstores as:

Google Play:

Happy Failing!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Adultery: The Ultimate #Taboo #Erotica

Giselle’s Best Adultery Erotica
10 Tales of Forbidden Love

Love is complicated. 

Sometimes the most passionate love affairs take place with partners who are strictly forbidden. Infidelity can be driven by mutual attraction, money, desire, want of attention or even sheer hatred. In this collection, read Giselle Renarde’s top ten favourite tales of adultery, hand-picked by the author. Whether the sex is angry or loving, spontaneous or carefully planned, the characters all have one thing in common: they’re sleeping with someone they shouldn’t—and it’s hot as hell!

Buy Now from Smashwords:

Table of Contents

If You Know Where To Look
I Did You Wrong
The Falls
The Therapist and the Whore
Show No Mercy
Artists’ Wives
The Other Other Woman
Burgundy Ropes and Voltaire
Good Neighbours
That last story, Good Neighbours, has recently been published by eXcessica as Hotwife Prudence and the Neighborhood Gangbang. Exact same story, just with a better more keywordy title for the individual ebook.

I've been writing adultery erotica for more than a decade, and I wanted to give you my best for this collection. There's a pretty broad range of stories, here. We've got characters who are straight, bi, lesbian, trans, gender-questioning. We've got group sex, a threesome, discipline and punishment, rope bondage, sex for money, stranger sex, guilty feelings, and cynical optimism.

Some readers really hate cheating and infidelity in their fiction. I'm not one of them. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you've been following me for a while, you know I was mistress to a married man for ten years of my life. At the start of my erotica career, I used writing to process a lot of those really complicated feelings that go along with being a party to an affair.
I'm pleased to be able to off you this collection of my ten favourite erotic stories involving infidelity. I hope you'll agree that this is, without a doubt, Giselle's Best Adultery Erotica.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Three Happy Endings! #MFM #Menage #Anal #Erotica

What did she do to deserve this? She must have horseshoes up her ass, because how many girls had a boyfriend like Brad? A guy who’d learned not only to swallow his jealousy and support her goals, but to embrace the fact that she was attracted to another man. With these two at her sides, what could go wrong?

You'll never guess where Cherry ends up, but I'll tell you this much: she ends up there with Brad and Phil.

CHERRY's final chapter has arrived! Are you sad? I'm a little sad. I kind of don't want it to end. I'd forgotten how much I love my little Cherry.

Read Chapter 12 right now:

If you haven't started CHERRY yet, read it from the beginning at Wattpad. Chapter One is right here:

And if you're looking for more daddy fetish fiction to devour, I highly recommend the taboo fiction of Lexi Wood. She's the sock puppet currently locked inside my night table drawer--just a convenient place to keep her, really. Check out her site:

Saturday, August 26, 2017

"Do you like us, Daddy?" #DILF #Erotica #Series

“How old is he?”

“Same age as my dad,” Cherry said. “That’s why I call him Daddy.”

“Daddy?” Lissa asked, pinning him against the front bumper. “Maybe we should call him Daddy, too.”

Phil’s throat clicked. “Cherry?”

She laughed at his pained expression. “You look like you’re scared of us, Daddy. Haven’t you ever been to bed with three girls?”

Phil might just get VERY lucky tonight...

In Chapter 11, Phil takes Cherry home with him after Brad's gig and we see a turning point in the way Cherry views Phil. Up to this point, they've spent pretty much their entire whirlwind romance in the woods. Now that Cherry sees how Phil really lives, will things get a little too real?

Read Chapter 11 of CHERRY for free right here, right now:

If you haven't started reading CHERRY yet, read it from the beginning at Wattpad. Chapter One is right here:

If you're interested in buying my CHERRY in print or as an ebook, you can do that too:

Friday, August 25, 2017

Double Penetration! #MFM #Menage #Daddy #DILF #Erotica

Heaven wouldn’t take her anymore—not with one cock in her cunt and another filling her ass. Cherry would never be an angel.
If you're going to have sex in a filthy back alley, might as well follow Cherry's lead and get stuffed by two cocks at once...

Chapter 10 of CHERRY is now available to read for free:

Can you believe there are only two more chapters left? Grand finale is Sunday.

If you haven't started reading yet, Chapter One is right here:

Spend the weekend binging on CHERRY. It's dirty daddy-fetish fun!

Alternatively, you can buy the book in print or as an ebook:

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sex in a Car and Brad Wails on Phil #DILF #Erotica

“That guy could be your father,” Brad said, standing against her like a brick wall. “If you cheated on me with some hot guy I might understand, but, Cherry, that dude is old!”

Here in Chapter 9, we find Phil driving Cherry to Brad's gig. After some filthy car sex on the highway, Phil's possessive side comes out. So does Brad's. When the two men meet in a filthy back alley, Cherry has to tear them off each other.

Brad wants Cherry. Phil wants Cherry.

But who does Cherry want?

Read Chapter 9 now for free at Wattpad:

If you're starting from the beginning, here's the link to all Cherry's chapters:

Chapter 10 goes up tomorrow. As always, you can buy CHERRY in print (or get the ebook) from many retailers, including

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

“God, I love these perky young tits.” #DaddyFetish #PublicSex #Erotica

Cherry spread her legs a little wider, although the wooden bench felt hard against her knees. She bowed deeper, until Phil’s hands met the picnic table. It felt so good, the way he teased her and squeezed her. With her ass in the air, she felt like a dog, like a bitch in heat, giving it up for the first mutt to glance her way.

Can you believe it? More daddy fetish erotica coming at you in Chapter 8! The words "Fuck me, Daddy!" actually appear more than once. I'm not kidding.

This time we've got Cherry and Phil en pleine air. Outdoor sex, totally public. Shocked me, in fact, even as I was writing it.

Read Chapter 8 of CHERRY for free right now at Wattpad:

Need to start reading from the beginning? You can do that too:

Chapter 8 goes up tomorrow. As always, you can buy CHERRY in print (or get the ebook) from many retailers, including

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Trust me, kiddo, it’s gonna be a rough ride.” More #DaddyFetish #Roleplay #Sex

“You little slut! Sleeping around, fucking everything you stumble across: your daddy’s best friend, drunk chicks in the shower—anyone. You don’t care who they are.” He really laid into her, grabbing her hips hard enough it hurt, piercing her cunt in swift repetition. “You’ll screw anything with a pulse, Cherry-baby, Daddy’s Little Girl.”

I don't want to give too much away, but a certain someone (or TWO certain someones) might just get caught today!

Chapter 7 of CHERRY is now available for your reading pleasure at Wattpad:

So much dirty filthy daddy fetish sex! So much excitement! Cherry is relentless!

Start from Chapter One (or any other chapter--your choice) here:

Chapter 8 goes up tomorrow. As always, you can buy CHERRY in print (or get the ebook) from many retailers, including

Monday, August 21, 2017

“Don’t you want to come?” #DaddyFetish #Erotica

“I want to come, Daddy. I want to come so bad…”

Clearly, I don't remember this book at all. I wrote CHERRY maybe 7 or 8 years ago and I honestly didn't realize it was so full of Daddy fetish roleplay and golden showers and just... wow... filthy, filthy smut. The only scene that stuck in my mind was the lesbian shower threesome, and my mind had even prettified that one.

All this to say you're in for some nasty "Fuck me, Daddy!" smut with Chapter 6. Enjoy!

If you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, I've been posting my book CHERRY chapter by chapter at Wattpad. That means you can read it for free! What else could you ask for, aside from peace on earth, which, sadly, I cannot provide. What I can provide is daily porny respite from the pain of living.

You're welcome.

Start from Chapter One (or any other chapter--your choice) here:

Chapter 7 goes up tomorrow. As always, you can buy CHERRY in print (or get the ebook) from many retailers, including

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hey, Giselle! Why did you write Monstrous Obsession? #PNR #DubCon #Erotica

I've created a new video in my "Why did you write this book?" series. In this one, we look at what inspired the dangerously demonic novella MONSTROUS OBSESSION. Here's a hint: it has a lot to do with my love of true ghost stories.

MONSTROUS OBSESSION by Giselle Renarde is available as an ebook and in print!

Artemis has never relied on a man for anything. When she moves in with her biker boyfriend Budd and his teenaged son Vincent, she worries she’s losing her independence. Little does Artemis know the moment she sets foot inside Budd’s big house, family dynamics will be the least of her worries.

Something strange lives in Budd’s creaky old house, and it’s far more powerful than any human being. Artemis senses it watching her. She feels it when, out of the blue, a slimy monster tongue licks her neck. She watches it possess every man who looks her way. How could she anticipate the intense, horrific evil she would encounter in Budd’s home?

To save her new family from an obsessive monster, Artemis must learn to accept help from the man who loves her. Can she swallow her pride… before it’s too late?

MONSTROUS OBSESSION by Giselle Renarde is available as an ebook and in print!

Underwater Blowjob! #OlderYounger #DILF #Erotica #Serial

Cherry clung to Phil’s dick with both hands. Underwater, she pulled him out of her throat. Without wasting a moment, she worked his shaft with one hand, squeezing his balls with the other. She rubbed his hot tip against her lips as she ran out of breath.

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday-ay-ay, Here in Older/Younger Land!

Yes, we're back with Chapter 6 of CHERRY, now available for you FREE reading pleasure at Wattpad:

Isn't smut fun? Especially when it's FREE?

If you need to start at the beginning, or any chapter in between, here's the book's main page:

Come back tomorrow for Chapter 6! As always, you can buy CHERRY in print (or get the ebook) from many retailers, including

Saturday, August 19, 2017

"Like I’m gonna fight a couple drunk chicks in a campground shower!" #lesbian #threesome #erotica

"She got her own tits soapy too, and then pressed them against my back. In, like, five seconds we were all covered in soap. I lost track of who had the bar. They kept passing it back and forth, feeling me up with their soft hands. Those horny chicks touched me everywhere!"

As promised, our little Cherry is back tonight with Chapter Four:

Have you missed a few chapters? Need to start from the beginning? CHERRY is now free at Wattpad! Read from the start:

If you just can't wait, buy the whole book in print or as an ebook:

Friday, August 18, 2017

“Shut up and piss on me, stupid!” #GoldenShowers #PissPlay #Watersports #Erotica

His pee splashed against her skin, sending sparkling droplets across her breasts. The stream coursed down her front like a waterfall, pooling slightly in her belly button before flowing between her legs.

Chapter Three of Cherry is live at Wattpad, if they haven't cancelled my account for being a huge perv. I wrote this book six or seven years ago. I'd forgotten how truly nasty it was. Yowza.

So Chapter Three is full of warm golden showers and hot cum on nubile breasts. Hope that's not too much of a spoiler for you.

Read Chapter Three for free right now:

Or start from the beginning if you're just tuning in:

Be back tomorrow with Chapter 4! If you just can't wait, buy the whole book in print or as an ebook:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cherry: Chapter Two #Free #BeachRead #Hot #Erotica #Serial

"Sex is totally natural. I hate it when people act like you're evil or whatever just because you like screwing."

Chapter Two of Cherry has just gone live at Wattpad, a little early today but it's raining here (is it raining with you...?) so I figured what the hell.

Great chapter today, complete with a beach scene that'll surely arouse your interest. Sunblock, talk of blow-up dolls, and Cherry takes her top off. A ton of fun.

Read Chapter Two for free right now:

If you missed Chapter One, here you go:

The book's got a main page type thing too, and that's here:

Love you!

Chapter Three goes up tomorrow. If you just can't wait, buy the whole book in print or as an ebook:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

FREE MY CHERRY! Chapter One is Live #hot #agegap #erotica

Chapter Two will go live tomorrow. If you just can't wait, buy the whole book in print or as an ebook!
Cherry is a saucy little minx who falls in love/lust with her father's best friend.

I wrote her story a few years ago, and I just can't get it off my mind. Takes place in the summertime, mostly at a campground where Cherry and her crush Phil are staying in adjacent cabins. Phil is recently divorced, going through a rough time, you know how it is. He wants to resist temptation as much as he can, but who knows?  Maybe his best friend's 18-year-old daughter is just be the pick-me-up he needs...

This is some hot shit.

If you're craving older man/younger woman erotica, this is it.

And the best part? I'm posting it FREE, chapter by chapter, at Wattpad:

I've resisted joining Wattpad until now because I'm cognizant that it's a social media platform and I have no intention of being social there. But what the hell?  Might as well post this hot-ass book.  It's summer. I want to treat you.

Cherry is 12 chapters long. I'll be posting one chapter per day, so that'll take us through to... Sunday August 27th. I'll post a new chapter every evening at 8pm EST so you've got something to look forward to. Just FYI I'll be out all day Saturday (August 19th) so I won't be able to post until midnight or so. You've been warned.

If you're not already a Wattpad member you'll probably have to create an account (takes two seconds) because this is mature content (to put it lightly) so they have to make sure you're old enough to be reading it. (If you're here, you sure as hell better be over 18!)

Soak up every last bit of summer with Cherry, the hottest beach read I've ever written, absolutely FREE at Wattpad.

Read Chapter One today:

Chapter Two will go live tomorrow. If you just can't wait, buy the whole book in print or as an ebook!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hey, Giselle! Why did you write Nanny State? #lesbian #ageplay

I created a little video about why I wrote Nanny State. It's the first in my new "Why did you write this book?" video series which I'm sure will be greatly successful and I won't give up on it after three episodes. (Oh, who am I kidding? Two episodes...)

Anyhoo, enjoy the mellifluous sound of my voice!

Here's the direct link in case I fail at embedding the way I fail at so many things in life:

Sweet watched and she was like, "Sounds just like you, complete with your snorty little giggle." heh well it IS me (complete with my snorty little giggle)

And if you just want to buy Nanny State without all this fuss, here you go with the links:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

FREE READ: Country Roads #Lesbian #Erotica

For your reading pleasure, some delightful erotic fiction featuring an older woman showing a younger woman how it's done by the roadside. You can read this story (as "Driving Mrs. Rose") and more like it in my book Older Women, Lesbian Desires--one of three volumes that make up Erotic Older Women!
Country Roads
Older/Younger Lesbian Erotica
by Giselle Renarde

Mrs. Rose called me a late bloomer because I was nineteen and still hadn’t learned to drive. I had my permit, but cars seemed scary. All my friends had their licenses, so I felt like I didn’t need to learn.

But Mrs. Rose said I must. She drove a pick-up truck and claimed driving was the key to a woman’s independence.

And Mrs. Rose was by far the most independent woman I’d ever met. My grandparents lived way out in the country, and Mrs. Rose was their neighbour. She’d always told me to call her Jan (since she’d never been married and wasn’t a “Mrs.” at all) but my grandparents were sticklers for formality. They didn’t think it proper to call a woman her age “Miss.”

So “Mrs. Rose” it was, and Mrs. Rose she stayed.

I don’t think she was actually as old as the lines around her eyes suggested. I couldn’t tell if her hair was white or blonde—she always wore that sun-bleached straw hat, so it was hard to get a good look. I’d gone to her place to buy snap peas from her garden, but we got talking about driving, and soon she was set on teaching me.

Since I couldn’t imagine learning in her big old pick-up, we walked back to my grandparents’ property. My grandma reluctantly allowed us borrow her Toyota. Sure I was scared to learn, but I’d always heard it was easiest on country roads. Less traffic than in the city. Also, there was something about Mrs. Rose that made me feel safe. If we broke down or whatever, she’d know what to do.

I was so nervous when I started the engine that I thought I might pee my pants. I couldn’t remember which was the gas and which was the brakes, and no matter what I did, I second-guessed myself. I felt so dumb.

But Mrs. Rose kept telling me I was doing fine.

Thank goodness there was no traffic on the arrow-straight country road. I would have wet myself for sure if I saw a car coming at me.

The more I drove, the better I felt about it, until we came to a four-way stop and there were other cars. Oh no! My legs shook so hard Mrs. Rose set one hot hand over my naked thigh, right under the hem of my short shorts.
Lightning shot through me, and all at once my nipples were so hard they hurt. The day had been so hot I hadn’t worn a bra, and I stole a glance down to see if it was obvious. Oh God, it was! My nipples were pointy and stiff as pencil erasers, urging through the clingy jersey of my sleeveless top.

Out of the corner of my eye, I checked to see if Mrs. Rose had noticed how hard my tits were. Would you believe she was staring right at them? Right at them! Her fingers pressed into the tan flesh of my thigh and I didn’t know what to do. My pussy started to pulse, that traitor, and I told myself the impulse was purely physical, just a response to a stimulus. I couldn’t possibly be sexually attracted to Mrs. Rose, with her crow’s feet and sundrenched skin.

Could I?

A car behind me honked, and I started through the intersection without looking. There was a car coming at me from the left, and I looked down at my feet, searching for the brake. Mrs. Rose grabbed the wheel, still digging her fingers into my thigh, and when she told me to floor it, I sailed through that intersection.

I kept driving, way faster than the speed limit. I wasn’t even looking. I didn’t care. I just wanted to get away from the car that had honked. I was so embarrassed.

But my body embarrassed me too, with its impulses, its throbbing arousal. No matter how fast I drove, I couldn’t get away from that, just like I couldn’t get away from Mrs. Rose’s hand on my thigh.

She told me to slow down and I said I wanted to stop. I started shouting, hyperventilating almost. I pleaded with her to tell me how, tell me where I could pull over.

Relenting, she guided me into a sandy strip that looked like a driveway but didn’t go anywhere. I stormed from the car because my body was full of energy. The grasses had grown high beyond our makeshift parking space, and I chopped at them with both hands.

When Mrs. Rose appeared behind me, I didn’t even notice until her hands were on my shoulders, holding me steady. She told me it was all right, no harm done. I’d driven very well for my first time. I didn’t believe that for a second, but her touch reignited the pulse I’d felt before.

Turning around, I hugged Mrs. Rose. The earthy aroma of her oversized linen shirt filled my head. She wore an apron in the garden, but not now. Just the shirt and capri-length khakis. When I pressed my body into hers, I could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Her breasts felt soft and comforting, and an urge came over me to suckle.

I shook that idea from my head. It seemed way too weird or incestuous or something. Not that Mrs. Rose was family, but I’d known her since I was a kid and she was probably almost my grandmother’s age. Just…weird.

Holding me tight, she whispered into my ear that she’d noticed how I’d grown. Grown how? I wondered about that, but I didn’t ask. Did she mean that we were the same height now? Or was she talking about my long tan legs, or my hips, or my breasts?

She was smelling my hair. My skin tingled.

It was obvious what would happen by the way she held me, running her fingers down my back. I didn’t know if I wanted it, but my body knew. My pussy throbbed so hot I was surprised it hadn’t burned a hole in my shorts. My nipples felt like they’d had ice cubes pressed against them—not cold, just very, very hard.

She asked me outright if I’d ever been with another woman. I was shocked by the question, or more by the fact that she’d posed it in such a forthright way. No. Never. My friend Hunter kissed me on the lips in Grade Seven, but that was nothing salacious. I’d never been with a boy, either. Only kisses. They called me a tease because they liked my body. They wanted it, lusted after it, but they couldn’t have it.

I don’t think she believed I was a virgin, but why waste time convincing her? Instead, I bent my head back a little so my hair fluttered against her fingers. She still had her straw hat on, and the blazing sunlight filtered through the holes in it like little slices of heaven. Her smile was bright and generous, but her eyes were dark with lust. It followed me like a wolf, always hungry, always wanting a bite, a lick, a drop of blood.

She wanted me, and I gave myself to her.

It wasn’t my mouth that she kissed. She went for my neck, attacking it, nipping and licking. My knees started to tremble. There was something overpowering about her. She was slim like me, but stronger. When she held my arms, I didn’t struggle. I looked up at the glints of sunlight slicing through her hat, and I surrendered.

I was so turned that my legs refused to hold me upright. Mrs. Rose grabbed the hem of my top and pulled it over my head as I fell to my knees. There I was, naked from the waist up, bathing in sunlight. I looked down at my bare breasts, and so did she. My nipples were so hard they’d nearly turned red.

There was a noise like a growl from the back of Mrs. Rose’s throat, and I could feel her attraction like an impending storm.

She set my top on the front of my grandmother’s car and yanked me up by the armpits. I unbuttoned my shorts, and unzipped them without waiting for her to give the instruction. Sure I was a virgin, but I knew desire—my own, and Mrs. Rose’s.
When I stepped out of my flip-flops and shorts, sunburnt grass stung my soles. I threw down my thong. Mrs. Rose seemed to appreciate the look. Or maybe it was my pussy she admired. I’d shaved it the day before, because we’d gone to the beach and I wanted to wear my itty bitty bikini. Maybe Mrs. Rose would have liked me in that bathing suit. I suddenly wished I could show her. I wanted to pose for her like a pin-up model. I wanted to dance for her, and strip. I wanted to please her.

She told me to hop up on the hood of the car, and I did. The sizzle blazed through my top, and I was glad I’d put my flip-flops back on before setting both feet on the fender. There I was, utterly naked, pussy shaven, and sunbathing on my grandmother’s car. I opened my legs, and Mrs. Rose dove between them.

My thighs first. She kissed all the way from my knees. It was such a devilish tease I wanted to smack her, but I also wanted her to tease me. I liked it. I liked that she didn’t give me everything I wanted right away.

Mrs. Rose let out a wonderful noise, a hum of enjoyment. She told me my pussy smelled divine. As she parted my shaved lips, I pressed my palms against the sizzling car. When she got a look at the pink of me, she licked her lips. Her hat slid down the back of her head, giving me a clear view of her face. In the summer sun, her skin glowed. She looked gorgeous, more beautiful than any woman in any magazine.

I loved the way she stared at my pussy, with worship and adoration. I’d never felt so wanted. When she inched forward between my legs, I held my breath. I knew this was going to feel amazing, oh yes. And when she licked my pussy, really slow, teasing my flesh, I trembled on the hood of that car.

The day was hot, but her tongue felt hotter. It blazed against my clit like liquid fire. She’d obviously done this before.

My nipples strained naked in the heat. I wanted to play with those rosy buds, but I knew the second I took my hands off the car I’d slide down and tumble to the burnt grass. So I watched Mrs. Rose through the valley of my perky breasts. I watched her eat my wet little pussy in rapture, like it was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted in her life.

Every so often she looked into my eyes. Sometimes she arched high enough that I could see down the front of her oversized blouse. I saw her breasts, and they were fuller and more luscious than I’d expected. Now I really wanted to suckle them, even if that was super-fucked up and crazy.
I pushed my pussy against her lips, rolling my hips to stroke off on her face. My straining bud grew fat and red as a cherry. She took it in her mouth and sucked, pulling on my tender flesh with her lips. I went wild, thrashing on the hood of the Toyota. It was too much and still not enough. I writhed so hard Mrs. Rose took hold of my thighs and held them steady as she sucked between my legs.

In the distance, I heard the approaching whoosh of a car, and I stiffened. What if they saw me naked with Mrs. Rose’s head between my legs? What would they think? Oh God!

I heard the vehicle whiz by, but I didn’t turn in time to see it. Hopefully they didn’t see us either. That’s what I told myself, and the relief freed me up enough to surrender. My orgasm had been sitting like a beast in my belly. It attacked me, raging through my bones, making me flop on the car like a fish out of water. I screamed and swore. Hopefully nobody heard me. I didn’t think there were any houses nearby, but you never know who’s out and about.

Mrs. Rose licked my clit until I couldn’t take any more. It felt amazing, but the pleasure was too extreme. It coursed through me like lava, and that was wonderful, but her mouth on my pussy made me loopy. She sucked, sucked, sucked until my clit felt huge and hard and tender. I screamed, and she backed away, watching my naked body come to grips with its first sexual experience.

When I’d drifted toward a blissful sundrenched sleep, Mrs. Rose read my mind and unbuttoned her blouse. I eased forward and sank into the splendour of her breasts, suckling one and then the other. Her breasts were warm and her nipples hard. I sucked them with my eyes closed, feeling heat all around me, smelling the earth on her clothes.

After she’d buttoned up and I’d dressed in my top and shorts, we sat in the hot car. We didn’t do or say anything, just sat together until the stifling heat became too much to bear. She started the engine and drove us back to my grandparents’ place. Good thing. I wasn’t in any condition to drive after that amazing orgasm.

As she waved goodbye to my grandparents, who were sitting on the veranda when we got home, Mrs. Rose offered to take me out again the next day.

I took her up on it, of course. I had a lot to learn.


If you love older woman/younger woman erotica as much as I do, you're certain to enjoy Older Women, Lesbian Desires. Also check out Taboo Lesbian Erotica, which is full of saucy action!